The ONLY fully automated estate planning app builT by attorneys for Attorneys

The days of manually updating your draft documents are over! You can now use LegalGen to streamline your estate planning process and drive more clients without any additional time or money commitments.

LegalGen software integrates our clients’ unique wills and trusts templates to attract new clients and better serve their existing clients, with some now completing more than 20 wills per month in half the time it used to take them.

LegalGen has the following key benefits

  • 1. Client Improvement
  • 2. Attorney Dashboard
  • 3. More Clients
  • Significantly better client experience
  • Answer questionnaires from anywhere at any time
  • Condition driven questions with detailed instructions
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Easy to make changes/adjustments
  • Significantly time savings proven to be over 50%
  • Automation is to update Attorneys Unique Templates
  • Real Time communication mechanism between Attorney and client
  • Less overhead to make changes to draft documents
  • Eliminate the need for in person meetings until Will Ceremony
  • Digital available for marketing
  • Reach more clients
  • Offer lower “online options”
  • Client driven referral programs
  • Offer multiple products i.e. only living will
  • Health care proxy
  • Guardianship


Shirley Villatoro
Fadely Law – NC

Shirley Villatoro

Working with the team at LegalGen has been a pleasure, we’ve been able to integrate our unique requirements into the application, enabling us to provide a seamless platform for our clients.

Carol Butrus

Carol Butrus

LegalGen gives us the ability to provide our clients more options and we’re able to retain more prospective clients.

Lorie Burch – TX

Lorie Burch

With the online Will Application through LegalGen, I’ve been able to become more efficient with my time, enabling me to serve more clients, more quickly.

Lewis Fadely
Fadely Law – NC

Lewis Fadely

LegalGen is a time saver, very user friendly and easy to use for both our clients and staff.

Tiffany O’Connell
O’Connell Law – MA

Tiffany O’Connell

The system is absolutely brilliant. It’s helpful from the client’s perspective because of the ease of use and the attorney’s because it reduces so much time and effort.

LegalGen software is able to fully integrate with Estate planning attorney’s unique Will templates. Thanks to this application, our clients are now able to save over 50% of their time to complete an estate plan while providing a significantly better experience to their customers.  Our online Will application automatically assembles the Will templates based on client’s answers provided in a conditional online questionaire leaving attorneys to just do a final review of the will package. Additionally, attorneys can use LegalGen to attract new clients and convert them into customers.

Application benefits:


Our online will application saves Estate Planning Attorneys over 50% of their time.


Eliminates the need to manually update draft documents.


Improves your client’s experience completing a Will.


Auto-generates your templates based on your client’s provided data.


Can significantly increases your prospects and leads.

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With the Online Will application I increased my clients and decreased my time.
Lorie Burch,, Dallas, Texas.
LegalGen is a time saver, very user friendly and easy to use for both our clients and staff.
Lewis Fadely,, Siler City, North carolina.
The system is absolutely brilliant. It's helpful from the client's perspective because of the ease of use and the attorney because it reduces so much time and effort.
Tiffany O'Connell,
O'Connel Law, Natick, Massachusetts.