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A Dallas-based software development company that provides advanced web and mobile design, as well as custom development services, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We have a dynamic team of software developers and industry experts that proudly offer a flexible design and a unique delivery approach which results in high quality solutions that always meets our client’s specific business needs. We guarantee success through implementing the most efficient and optimized systems by leveraging technology and leadership collaboration with transparent communication.

A Dallas-based software development company that provides advanced web and mobile design and development services, technical infrastructure and staff augmentation. With more than 30 years of IT experience serving the public and private sectors in 17 U.S. states and 5 countries we proudly offer our flexible based design and delivery approach which is solution driven through close leadership collaboration, interactive and transparent communication and therefore results in exponential technical work productivity at the most competitive cost.

Some of our Clients

We strive to make software that integrates systems seamlessly, so you can focus on serving your customers even better.

At Xedious technical solutions, we offer a large assortment of IT-based services. Some of these include:

A great online partner will help you boost your business to new heights. This partner will allow your online portfolio to stand out amongst millions of other portfolios. Hiring the services of the best web design company in Dallas, Xedious, will not only be beneficial to your sales and revenue stream but will also help you create a high-quality online brand image.

Sometimes cookie cutter applications do not suffice your business needs. You need to purchase customized solutions to truly make an impact in your line of business. However, purchasing these customized solutions can be a real hassle in both consumption of time and financial resources. However, with Xedious web Design Company, you do not have to worry about paying a large fortune for a completely customized solution.

We also provide services for website design in Dallas to a large list of clients from various industrial verticals. Our wide experience in multiple domains allows us to offer personalized solutions themed according to your business needs.

As a company providing services for website design in Dallas, it is our job to fuel your online marketing efforts to a whole new level. We advise you on ways to get the best return on investment for all your online marketing efforts. We also help you with the allocation of marketing resources into the right channels that produce the best results for all your campaigns.

We can also help you complete projects that have a shorter deadline and require a lot of manpower. With our on-demand resources, you can easily hire the best minds in the industry to complete the project successfully on time. Our team of professionals have an experience of lending a hand in a variety of projects.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best web design company in Dallas then pick up the phone and call us today to discuss your requirements.


Lorie Burch

Lorie Burch
Owner Burch Law

Thanks to Enrico and his team, we developed an Online Will application that increased my clients and decreased my time.

Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds
CEO The Dillon

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. We were in a bind, needed technical help and got what we needed from this company.

Stephen Shephard

Stephen Shephard
CEO Baller

Enrico and his team developed our engagement platform – from the ground up. They are a top notch software development company and our trusted go to IT partner.

Lewis Fadely

Lewis Fadely
Attorney at Law

With the Xedious team, we were able to implemented a complex Web based application. They were very easy to work with and we got what we needed.

Ruben Kort

Ruben Kort
CEO Kolibri

Xedious build a fully inter-operable custom application to connect all our office systems. We really got excellent services and were very happy with the product they delivered.

Tom Grey

Tom Grey Owner MowPros LLC

We hired Xedious to develop our scheduling and routing application. We got a fully functional solution, very valuable service and had a great experience.


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