Will & Estate Planning App

How I increased my Will and Estate planning attorney’s clients over 50%, by developing and implemented a very simple web-based solution.

My client and I were members of a weekly networking group. I contacted her to do my will which is when she shared the high costs and time requirements associated completing the will package. Hearing this, I contacted her and offered to put together an online questionnaire and auto generate type Will package.

Initial Ask:

The client asked if we could review the Will and Estate planning documentation and propose moving that into a web-based application that her clients could then use to go online, input their information and then generate the associate will package.

The challenge:

The client had a wide range of customers therefore we required an immediate login option while also providing the client with the option to create the login and then forward the login instructions to her customers. Additionally, there up to 25 permutations to create and then test the Will and Estate planning documentation package and up to 5 options to prepare and offer the different pricing options based on the different conditions that needed to be identified before the development could start + the client did not yet offer any online payment options which is a new API that we needed to develop.

Solutions and Features:

We build this app with the following key features.

    • Provide login options with a direct login option as well as client login portal given the client the ability to create and auto generate login with an easy to use temporary password.
    • Easy to use and navigate user interface (screens) to capture all the data elements that would be driven into the documentation package.
    • Condition driven doc package creation based on information captured during application entry.
    • Online payment options.
    • Auto doc package generation with email and direct download capabilities upon payment confirmation as well as the admin’s ability to receive and sent the package.
    • Search (pull up) existing system quotes based on proximity, product and customer type.
    • Document management capabilities to include document and data encryption.
    • Integration into the client’s corporate site.

Our roles in the client’s success:
We played the following key parts in ensuring success:

    • Helped design a system that is very easy to use and navigate
    • Collaborate with the client to provide the different pricing options and build the system so that, it can be managed by both the client’s admin as well
    • Create a test script to minimize the client’s need to test and validate the system while still able to generate, review and confirm the results
    • Build/created an online payment portal which the client has now rolled out across its corporate base


The results are still in its early stages as this implementation was recently rolled out. However, the client has already been able to acquire several new client’s that would have otherwise deemed getting their Will and Estate planning too expensive. The new clients include colleagues at the law firm as well as customers that previously called in but couldn’t afford the quoted price/option


    • All future data, to include customer, material costs/type and ordering/scheduling transactions is saved in one comprehensive place (database)
    • The auto quoting feature allow for faster completion of a transaction (quote) which used to be “complex” and the client has been able to add sales staff while having better oversight
    • The scheduling feature allowed for centralization of the “dispatch” scheduling, the trucks as well as the client have a better experience
    • The auto dispatch signature feature plus ability to avoid additional office admin people for getting involved allowed the client to reduce 2 staff positions and therefore seeing a saving of $60K through the automation of their fleet management system