Crew GPS Tracking App

How developing and implementing a (GPS) routing, tracking and scheduling employee mobile application helped my client interact, track and connect with employees in the field which resulted reduced administrative tasks and resulted in 20% increase to my client’s bottom line.

Xedious was contacted by a landscaping client to build a mobile application to optimize the field service employees’ routes, schedule and work hours.

Initial Ask:

Our client asked us to develop and implement a mobile application to plan/provide daily work schedules to its field employees, optimize the daily routes and use a GPS interactive tracking system. The client’s main objective was to track and maximize daily workloads for its field employees while also reducing the time office administrators spent re-scheduling service calls, communicating with field employees and clients vs. focusing on sales and growing the company.

The Challenge:

The main challenge was to provide fully optimize daily routes for the employees in the field (crews). The route optimizations were dependent on the crew’s start and end position, geographical area, type of service (lawn service, tree trimming, cleanup) as well as the total number of customers each crew can handle. Additionally, it was challenging to extract the information which the client maintains in a master excel spreadsheet and currently uses Google mapping to manually schedule and assign routes for up to 20 crews.

Application Solutions and Features:

In order to meet our client’s objective, we build a mobile app as well as admin portal required to push and pull information to the crew’s mobile application.

The admin panel and mobile application were implemented with the following key features:

    • Service scheduling and Auto assignment feature based on crew’s start/end as well as customer Latitude and longitude positions.
    • Optimize routing feature with daily and real time refreshes (Office admin plus crews were able to pull latest schedule and optimized route)
    • Mobile app crews time (hourly) tracking capabilities to include start and end time, breaks (lunch) with auto payroll submission
      • Real time Schedule and route updates
      • Color coded services for not started, in progress, incomplete and complete statuses
    • Push/pull notes/notifications between the office admin and crew
    • GPS / real time crew tracking

Our roles in the client’s success:

The features we developed and implemented with the mobile app, ensures that we auto calculated routes and provide a schedule as well as key notes (instruction) to the employees in the field. Xedious put together a mobile app driven off an admin panel using google GPS API’s. Those API’s use the existing Google mapping and routing functionality using last long values so that once crews are assigned addresses based on assignment criteria the Google API would optimize the route. Working with our client to understand the assignment criteria, and then recommending real time scheduled updates to the client allowed the client to complete significantly more services per day without increasing field service employees.

We also added auto translated English to Spanish instructions avoiding the need for the office staff to “manually” transfer the routes and included increased communication leveraging the mobile app to send notes/emails to the client’s as well as setup email communication from the application to the client’s customers

Lastly, a key difference maker and time savings was to collect the hours worked and leverage technology (Payroll API) to automatically push the information into the client’s payroll system cutting the payroll in more than 50%. While this client did not reduce staff, the office staff has been able to focus more on customer service and sales, our client spent less money on advertising and recorded a 20% increase in client retention and acquisition leveraging the existing customer base.


Once the field service employees started using the application, daily service (lawn service) completion was up by 25%, Crew and customer satisfaction improved significantly and due to the ability to interact directly with its customers, the client was able to reduce marketing and advertising dollars (direct mailers used to go to new and existing clients) while still reaching customers to renew annually. The client management (including the owner) was able to focus more on sales due to the reduction in administrative tasks i.e. less time spent manually communicating, updating schedules/routes and payroll and crew members were tracked closely thus increasing overall efficiently.

Client numbers – showing the bottom-line increase

Mobile application and admin panel development cost $30K

    • Total annual client revenue prior to the app $1 Million
      • Based on $150K advertising cost
    • After the App was implemented (2018) – Client revenue increased to 1.2 Million
      • No increase in crews/in service field employees
      • Advertising cost was only 1/3 or $50K
    • All in the first year of using the app. **Additional improvements are expected to both client’s revenue as well as ongoing application improvements to further optimize efficiency and reduce cost