On Demand Resources

On Demand Resources

Many Business and IT initiatives have short term needs that require an increase in staff in order to accelerate or finish projects on time. We can offer a “bucket” of hours you can leverage anytime or simply assign one of our experts for an extended amount of time to fill this need.

Whether you are looking for this short term solution or you prefer to have a long term option, we can provide quality resources that work with you towards achieving your organizational objectives. We have expertise in basic programming languages i.e. PHP, as well as the more advanced C Sharp and Java programming skills. By leveraging our approach you will be able to:

  • Expedite completion of your initiative without expanding your technical team.
  • Limit the impact on daily business operations.
  • Provide on-demand resources to supplement your project team or provide the expertise to lead your project while training your team.
  • Work directly with your development staff to combine hands-on knowledge your team already has with the experience of our specialists.
On Demand Technology Staffing

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Custom application that saved our client $60k annually.

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Basic Roofing Website

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Restaurant Connection App

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Education App

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