With our online Will and Estate planning application, clients will have a much better experience filling out a comprehensive interview questionnaire. Their responses will auto update the draft documents, replace face-to-face meetings and therefore reduce the attorneys time spent finalizing the will packages. Here's How

Imagine knowing that over half of your prospective customers don’t do their Will because they find that it takes too long or it is too expensive?  We developed an application that did just that! Thanks to our application, our Attorney client’s customers are now able to fill out an online condition driven questionnaire, which then generates our clients Will and Estate templates and packages based on the customer’s responses. Now, our clients are able to serve a much larger number of customers at the same time, the total in person billable time reduced by over 60% and our clients are retaining 3 out of 4 more prospective clients. Application Solutions and Features:
  • Easy to navigate and user friendly questionnaire screens to capture all the data elements required to generate packages
  • Secure landing page with registration and login options
  • Automated document package generation with more than 30 variations based on conditions such as marital status, kids, trust, executors and financial plus medical power of attorneys.
  • Software integration into the client’s current corporate site.
  • Includes a fully manageable administrative portal with the ability to manage user logins and passwords, unlimited user notifications and document generation options with multiple pricing models and variations.
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